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Summer holiday,80% choose high star hotel

Date: 2019-07-15

The long summer vacation has two months, with children summer travel appears to be essential.As more and more become parents after after 80, 90, parent-child swimming presents many changes, parent-child family spend more and more time in the hotel, the hotel is becoming more and more demanding.Many hotels are targeted for parent-child consumption upgrading.

Every day to stay in the hotel about half time

Eighty percent of parents and children tourists choose high star hotel

Ms. Cheng in hangzhou three just a trip to Tokyo, daughter has read primary school grade five."Because have been to two times, should go to scenic spots went, this and you want to go shopping, eat food, don't want to put the schedule is too tight."Ms. Cheng made a reservation in shinjuku Tokyo Hilton, "five-star hotel service is good, at the same time, the geographical position is good also, three to five minutes to walk to a subway station.Sleep to nature to wake in the morning, and then go out to eat an early lunch, walk the streets of the city.Go tired, ready to back to the hotel to rest.This is the look for a travel."

Like Ms. Cheng to choose high star hotel.Ctrip hotel data shows, this summer, parent-child users when choosing summer hotel, more than 80% chose the high star hotel.Flying pigs, according to travel this summer holidaying in the crowd, select a four-star and above hotels and accounted for 40% of the home stay facility.

The hotel's location, room is important to tourists.Ctrip survey data show that parents and children tourists will first near the scenic area, the downtown hotel, reduce on the way.For making a parent-child tourists, "parking lot" is a necessary factor.From the point of booking room, big bed room is the first choice for parent-child tourists.As the family to bring two Eva travel increases, more family room reservation of the bed proportion is also rising.

"The data show that the general tourists in the hotel room stay for eight hours a day, and parent-child visitors will stay in hotel room more than 3 ~ 4 hours."The relevant person in charge of ctrip parent-child room is introduced.

Slide, tents, intelligent robot

Family room into "the playground in the room"

Learned, ctrip parent-child room building is the concept of "the playground in the room", equipped with the kid's play facilities such as slide, swing and tents, let the children in the room to the amusement park can experience the fun.In addition, aimed at young children also launched ctrip bei comfortable room, the room provide baby wash protect suit, baby blanket, sterilization pot, water temperature meter device, such as the parents family travel light.For preschool children, ctrip joint good cooperation launched intelligent robot family room, placed in the room of intelligent robot, English learning machine table and bluetooth story, let children love learning in play.Future ctrip parent-child smart room room will also launch, let robot and hot topics of IP to parent-child family accommodation experience to join science and technology and the future.

Flying pigs, according to a 24-hour reception, Chinese restaurant, hair dryer hotel is more popular with parents and visitors.

Ctrip, according to the survey data of two child family on children's entertainment facilities, independent bed, toiletries demand higher than the one-child family.Hotel bed is big enough, the children buffet whether additional fee, is the most concern two child family.In addition, the second child family also puts forward the mineral water an unlimited supply, lunch, dinner, hotel provide laundry service demand, etc.

High star-rated hotel, family room facilities, means that the relatively high price.However, today's parent-child tourists price does not seem to be particularly sensitive to the hotel.Ctrip data show that in the summer of this year, parents and the average hotel room price is about $150, higher than the ordinary hotel parent-child tourists are willing to pay higher fees on accommodation, in order to obtain a more comfortable experience.The relevant person in charge of ctrip, this summer, parent-child tourists a night on accommodation to spend an average of more than 1000 yuan.Flying pigs, according to data since this year, parents and the average hotel room reservation price more than 900 yuan, up 13% year-on-year.